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Smart homes and home automation are terms used in reference to a wide range of solutions for controlling, monitoring and automating functions in the home. iotmotion imports high quality IoT smart home systems for the top seven market categories:

Security and access
control systems.

Energy management and climate control systems.

Audio-visual and entertainment systems.

Lighting and window control systems.

Healthcare and assisted living systems.

Home appliances and service robotics.


We will focus on

The IoT devices and solutions

We believe IoT and smart homes are the future, and the future starts now. Our mission is to connect the digital world to the physical world, with the supply IoT devices for smart homes.

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Smart Home

Our Products

Heating and climate control:

Heating and climate control can easily be adapted to individual preferences, and at the same time they can give up to 30% in energy savings.

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Lighting that can conveniently be turned on/off and dimmed from the comfort of one’s sofa, or when entering/exiting a room.

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Window shutters, blinds and awnings:

Window protection darkens rooms, reduce fading, ensures privacy and increases security – even automatically. These devices can be combined in a package. E.g. awnings are automatically retracted in heavy wind or shutters are closed in direct sunlight.

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Weather and environment:

Weather sensors accurately and reliably record external influences such as temperature, humidity, wind force and rain. When this is combined with other devices, they adapt the processes in and around the home to the current weather conditions. For example: the awnings open automatically in strong sunlight.

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Adapters for brand switch systems:

Flush-mounted actuators for brand switches can turn existing electrical installations into smart ones without the need to change the existing switches entirely. The adapters can be integrated quite easily and with minimal effort. Thus, existing concepts are preserved in terms of style, form and design.

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Smart Gateways:

Smart gateways with USB ports/connectivity are the core of IoT connection, which is bridging IP network with Zigbee connected devices. Smart Gateways are compatible with multiple platforms and connect to all Zigbee devices from home automation, smart energy, to healthcare and home IoT systems.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

This market is still in the starting line. Especially lately when it has become easier also to retrofit existing homes with IoT and the increasing range of products.

There is a growing number of internet users, especially in Eastern Europe. An increasing awareness about fitness, increasing importance of home monitoring in remote locations, rising need for energy-saving and low carbon emission-oriented solutions, cost reduction measures enabled by smart homes, rapid proliferation of smartphones and smart gadgets.And a growing concern about safety, security, and convenience among people. There will be a huge demand for IoTs in years to come.

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