CBD Oil 15% (4500 MG) 30ML Full Spectrum CBD


Canoil CBD Oil 15% (4500 MG) 30ML Full Spectrum CBD Olive oil

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Canoil CBD Oil 15% (4500 MG) 30ML Full Spectrum CBD Olive oil

Canoil is a Dutch distributor of CBD Oil, specialized in CBD products. Our CBD oil is made from organically grown hemp plants with a guaranteed percentage of CBD. Canoil is known for its high quality CBD Oil with guaranteed CBD percentages. All CBD products in our range are made from organic hemp and do not contain THC, nicotine, alcohol, animal extracts and diacetyl.

Canoil CBD Oil 15% made from 99% pure organic CBD oil
As one of the most innovative European producers of natural CBD products, our Canoil CBD Oil 15% is made from 99% pure organic CBD oil. In the production process for our CBD oil 15% we only use naturally grown hemp buds and no chemicals, hormones or GMO products are added. This CBD oil contains 4500 mg of Cannabidiol and of course meets all the high standards we set for all our products. Because the Canoil CBD oil 15% is made of 99% pure organic CBD oil, this oil has a clear golden color.

Benefits of our Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The full spectrum of our CBD oil consists of a mix of different cannabidoids such as CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBN and other useful terpenes) to give the best result.

Canoil obtains its CBD oil from a specially developed Canoil hemp plant that naturally contains a high concentration of CBD. Unlike many other CBD Oil producers, Canoil uses only the hemp buds to produce the CBD in order to keep the final product high in quality, clean and clear.

The purity of Canoil CBD Oil 15% ensures that our customers can be sure that the use of all Canoil products are without the unwanted psychoactive effect of THC.
Dosage Canoil CBD Oil 15% (4500 MG) 30ML

Canoil CBD oil 15% is very easy to use. Our CBD oil comes in a handy bottle with drip applicator, so you can dose the amount very accurately. The recommended dosage for Canoil CBD oil 15% is 3-4 drops at a time, three times a day.


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