Canoil CBD E-liquid O.G. Kush 200 mg -10ml


Canoil CBD E-liquid O.G. Kush 200 mg, Faster intake of CBD. Pure taste of hemp with the advantages of CBD. 100% natural. Enriched with Terpenes

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Canoil CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush 200 mg – 10ml

Canoil is a Dutch CBD E-Liquid supplier that specialises in CBD products. Our CBD E-Liquids have O.G. Kush. The CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush contains 200 mg CBD extracted from very good quality hemp and is produced in the Netherlands.

Advantages of CBD E-liquid smoking
When you take CBD via E-Liquid, you notice the immediate results. Through the lung vesicles, the CBD is immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and you will notice the immediate difference. You do not have to get used to the taste of CBD because it comes in several tasty flavours wich hide the original CBD taste. The latest developments in e-cigarettes and vaporizers have added a new dimension to the cbd experience. With E-Liquids, Canoil provides an efficient and easy way to consume cannabinoids. It’s healthier than smoking, but just as satisfying. No toxic substances or Nicotine, only its pure qualities.

CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush vapor experience
The Canoil CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush 200 mg contains no nicotine and is responsible for vaporizing by means of an E-cigarette. By using the CBD in combination with an e-cigarette the cbd is quickly absorbed into the body.

Canoil’s E-Liquids are suitable for any type of e-cigarette.

CBD E-Liquid taste experience

Canoil offers a range of flavors in CBD E-Liquids! You will discover that CBD E-Liquids from Canoil have a better taste experience compared to other CBD E-Liquids. Canoil distinguishes itself through quality, purity and taste experience. Enjoy it to the fullest!

What are Terpenes?
Terpenes are organic compounds that occur in hemp and contribute to the characteristic taste, smell and color of the plant. In this authentic taste of O.G. Kush is the result because of the terpene linalool, for a lavender-like taste, and pine for a powerful pine, earthy taste and smell of Cannabis makes this E-liquid to a unique taste experience!

Canoil CBD E-Liquid flavors
Canoil offers CBD E-Liquids in different flavours and with different strengths in CBD. For everyone there is a suitable CBD E-Liquid member. CanOil CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush 200 mg gives the O.G. Kush taste of hemp. If you prefer a different taste, you can try one of the other flavours.

The flavors below are offered by Canoil:

  • > Canoil O.G. Kush
  • > Canoil Stawberry
  • > Canoil Mint
  • > Canoil Fruit Mix
  • > Canoil Mango
  • > Canoil Base

CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush 200 mg Canoil properties:

  • Contents 10 ml
  • CBD content 200 mg (certified high quality CBD)
  • No nicotine or toxic substances.
  • O.G. Kush Hemp flavour
  • Produced with legal and organic hemp
  • Does not contain THC
  • Suitable for all e-cigarettes
  • Child-proof lock
  • PG/VG: 50/50 for the best vape experience

Quality and Certification Canoil
Because the raw materials are obtained and processed locally, we are able to guarantee high quality standards. We can also track every CBD batch, from the hemp field to the consumer, and the ecological footprint of every product has been minimised. Canoil is synonymous with quality!

ISO 9001 Dutch certified ISO 9001 CBD E-Liquid O.G. Kush 200 mg certificationISO 9001 certificatie
High quality is number 1 for Canoil. Canoil sets the bar as high as possible and sets the highest standards for Dutch quality. Canoil is the first Dutch CBD E-Liquid supplier to produce the E-Liquids according to TUV ISO 9001 standards.


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