Near Islands

There are many tourists who every day visit the near island. The island are located 7-10 km from the coast of Pattaya, and here you will find great beaches and plenty of opportunity for sunbathing Dive, or snorkel. On weekends, many people from Bangkok come down and enjoy the good beaches Pattaya have to offer. There are plenty of water sports on all the Near Islands. In total their are more than 20 beaches on the 4 island and most can be reached quite easily.We at Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya run DAILY DIVING TRIPS, every day Dependant on the weather conditions. The day normally start on the bali high pier where we head out to one of the superb Island of Pattaya. We also do trip to Samaesan which normally requires a bus trip for about 45 minutes to an 1hr down the coast heading out around the Samaesan islands

Location and schedule for our daily Trips

This is very much dependant on tides and weather conditions also diver certification is very important, Please ask when you are booking if you have a preferred choice or location.We at Jomtien Dive Center Pattaya want to give you the snorkeler or scuba diving the best choice we can on that particular day, so that you can experience the stunning coral reefs that Thailand has to offer. Please do not forget some of the great wreck we have to offer too.

We are the main operator on Jomtien beach road and take booking from all over Pattaya. A vast number of hotel use us on a regular basis as we offer great value and service for money. We offer Snorkeling and Diving trips to both the near and far islands of Pattaya. So why not contact us today and book a great day out.

What are the dive trip Schedule ?

We meet everyday at the Jomtien dive centre Approx 8:15am. We also can offer a late start which is an hour later 9:15am (on request) Depending on schedule.

We then prepare all the dive equipment ready for your departure at approx 8:55 we leave the pier to either the near or far Islands.The Boat normally return back approximately 3:30pm Everyday, then back to the dive centre.

Choosing the dive site and location.

This is normally done the night before, depending on the weather conditions. If you do have any requests please ask upon booking and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.