Eye Examination

The eye examination reveals important information about your overall health as well as the condition of your eyes. We will check your eyes thoroughly both externally and internally for eye problems, as well as other conditions such as high blood pressure, signs of increased cholesterol and diabetes.

OPTIX has three fully-fitted eye examination facilities, and we are happy to test private, corporate and NHS patients. The examination itself is conducted by one of our three qualified optometrists and lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. First we will ask you about any symptoms with your eyes, your general health, personal and family medical history, day-to-day activities affecting our diagnosis, and your eyewear needs. We will then carry out some tests based on your age and what you tell us.

We begin by testing your near, intermediate and far vision to determine if you require lenses and, if so, the correct prescription. We then check your eye muscle co-ordination, field of vision, perception of colour, pupil reflexes and internal eye pressure (if you are at risk from glaucoma). Finally we examine your eyes with a light for problems like cataracts, hypertension, diabetes and glaucoma. If you wear spectacles, these will be checked along with your eyes.

Once the examination is completed, we will fully explain our diagnosis to you and be happy to answer any questions or discuss it in more detail. We will give you a copy of your prescription and, if you need corrective lenses, we will give you the advice and assistance you need to pick spectacles and/or contact lenses, which are both functional and stylish.