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Booking Info
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Ride Type:
Pickup Address :
Drop Off Address:
Pick Up Date/Time: $pickUpDate / $pickUpTime
Requested Duration:
Estimated Duration:
~ Duration 2h 35m
Distance: :
~19.20 Kms
Passenger Count:
Luggage Count:
Accepted Bid for following vehicles
Trip ID: 10850: Sedan - Premium
Trip ID: 10851: Stretch - Premium
Group Notes: Meeting another limo at the same location - will be follwing to different locations
Fare Breakdown
Bid Amount = $$numberTool.format("#0.00", $bidAmount)
Gratuity = $$numberTool.format("#0.00", $gratuity)
Total Booking Amount = $$numberTool.format("#0.00", $bookingAmount)
Vehicle(s) Requested - FareBreakDown
Trip ID $masterTrip.TripId
Vehicle Category $masterTrip.Vehicle Category - $master Trip.Vehicle SubCategory
Vehicle Total $$numberTool. format ("#0.00", $masterTrip.Estimated TripAmount)
Gratuity $$number Tool.format ("#0.00", $masterTrip. Gratuity)
Tax_GST $$number Tool.format ("#0.00", $master Trip.TaxGst)
Trip Total Amount $$number Tool.format ("#0.00", $master Trip.Estimated TripTotalAmount)
Trip ID $masterTrip.TripId
Vehicle Category $masterTrip. VehicleCategory - $masterTrip. VehicleSubCategory
Vehicle Total $$numberTool. format("#0.00", $masterTrip. EstimatedTripAmount)
Gratuity $$numberTool. format("#0.00", $master Trip.Gratuity)
Tax_GST $$number Tool.format ("#0.00", $master Trip.TaxGst)
Trip Total Amount $$numberTool.format ("#0.00", $master Trip.EstimatedTrip TotalAmount)
Promotion Code $promoCode
Discount Amount $$numberTool.format("#0.00", $promoAmount)
Account Credit $567
Estimated Total Booking Amount $$numberTool.format("#0.00", $total)
GST 10%
GST# 5%
Account Credit $567
Date/Time when service was arranged $onHoldDate
Total Fare Charged $$numberTool.format("#0.00", $amount)
Planned Schedule
Pick Up Date/Time $pickUpDate / $pickUpTime
Pickup Address $pickUpAddress
Drop Off Address $dropOfAddress
Estimated Duration $duration
Estimated Distance $estimatedDistance
Actual Schedule
Actual Pick Up Date/Time $masterTrip.ActualStartTime
Actual Pickup Location(LAT/LONG) $masterTrip.ActualStartLongitude
Actual Drop Off Date/Time $masterTrip.ActualStopTime
Actual Drop Off Location(LAT/LONG) $masterTrip.ActualStopLatitude / $masterTrip.ActualStopLongitude
LPL# of the limousine $masterTrip.VehicleLpl
LDL# of the Assigned Driver $masterTrip.DriverLdl
Payment Receipt for Booking
Method $creditCardType - $cardNumbers
Payment Amount $$settleAmount
Transaction ID $transactionId
Passenger $name
Booking ID $masterTripId
Pick Up Date/Time $pickUpDate / $pickUpTime
Pickup Address $pickUpAddress
Drop Off Address $dropOfAddress
Booking Total $$total
Payment Amount $$settleAmount
Total Due $$totalDue
Thank you for riding with XYZ
March 15, 2018 at 1:06 PM
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Ride Details
Fare (15.36mi, 32m 52s) US$18.13
Cost Recovery Fee US$0.19
Discount Amount -US$11.78
Tip US$1.00
Total Amount US$7.54
Cancelled Trip Info
Cancellation Amount :$$numberTool.format("#0.00", $amount)
Promo Code Amount reversal: $$Promo.Code.Amount.reversal
Note: For Bid On Rides booking, entire BOOKING along with all the Trips will be marked as CANCELLED.
Assigned Vehicle And Chauffeur
Driver's Name :
Driver's Phone Number:
LDL Number:
Assigned Vehicle LPL #:
Accepted Bid for following vehicles:
$tripId: $vehicleCategory - $vehicleSubCategory
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