Social Energy

rom 1.5 Pence.

Through our groundbreaking AI powered platform and energy storage, customers reduce their energy bills by up to 90% and gain access to 100% renewable energy, when they join the Social Energy Network

90% cheaper
than traditional utilities.

We back the winning horse. Our AI has 95% trade prediction accuracy, so Social Energy wins. With the Social Energy Network, everyone enjoys the profits. Energy trading is no longer justfor the fat cats.

We’re cloud

The Social Energy Cloud aggregates batteries into a virtual power plant, predicting the state of the battery and optimising it to give you maximum benefit.

The future of your battery storage

The Social Energy Platform generates income in two ways: the first is by storing your generated solar energy for use in the evening; the second is by making the spare inverter power available for balancing services on the National Grid.

Our Customer’s
average savings.

  • Weekly Savings£000.00

  • Monthly Savings£000.00

  • Yearly Savings£000.00