How do I register for an event?
You simply click the ‘Register’ button on the Inflatathon website.
I haven’t received my email confirmation ticket?
Log into your account and you can print your ticket directly from there.
Can I register late or on the day of event?
It is possible if the event isn’t sold out and you will be placed in the next available heat.
How many people are needed to form a team?
There are no restrictions on how many people enter your team, its entirely up to you.
Can I edit my team details?
The team captain can sign in and edit your team details at any time.
Do I have to register in a team to partake in the event?
Not at all, we welcome everyone.
Are team members required to finish at the same time?
It is up to you and your team if you want to run the course together, Inflatathon is a non-timed, purely fun based event.
My team mates want to register for the same heat as me but it is full, can they still run with me?
They can join your team however you are only allowed to run at your designated heat time, no exceptions.
How old do I have to be to register?
For the family heats, there is no minimum age, the kids must simply be a minimum of 1m tall. For the public heats, you must be 12 years or older, however, a guardian must sign your registration form online if you are UNDER 18
Is there any team or corporate discounts?

There are no team discounts, for corporate enquires contact info@inflatathon.com

What is the ‘inflatables’ heat and ticket type?
All participants who purchase this ticket type will receive an inflatable suit to run the course in. The inflatables heat is reserved solely for inflatables ticket holders.

Tickets, transfer and refunds

How much does it cost to enter an event?
Prices vary depending on the location, all details can be found on the event details page or on the registration page.
What is included in my registration?
Depending on your ticket you can recieve the following:  Regular ticket (Your entry to the Village, entry to Inflatathon course, and a finisher medal).  Family ticket (Your entry to the Village, entry to the Family Heat for the Inflatathon course, and a finisher medal).  VIP ticket (Your entry to the Village, all day entry to Inflatathon course, Inflatathon Merchandise, like a Snapback cap and an inflatable Suit)
If I cannot participate in the event due to injury/conflict/personal/other, am I entitled to a refund?
There are no refunds on tickets, however you can transfer your ticket to another event or person for a small fee. This must be done online prior to the day of the event.
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?
Absolutely, log into your account and follow the prompts to transfer.
How do I transfer my entry to a future event?
Log on to your account and follow the prompts to transfer.>
Can free tickets be transferred to a future event? 
Free tickets cannot be transferred to other participants or other events.

Course information and check in

Can I skip an obstacle?
Of course, however we highly doubt you will ever want to.
When can I see the course map and obstacles for the event?
Each event slightly varies, however they will all have a combination of 10 obstacles from the Inflatathon website.
What should I bring on the day of the event and what should I wear?
Wear comfortable sports clothes and non-spiked running shoes. Bring your wallet for village purchases and of course your happy spirit.
Can I wear a costume?
Absolutely you can, you can even join our ‘Inflatables Heat' where all participants will run the course in an inflatable suit.
How do I transfer my entry to a future event?
Absolutely, log into your account and follow the prompts to transfer.
Will my picture be taken throughout the course/can I use my own camera? 
At times, we will have photographers taking shots, however there will not be pictures of everyone. We encourage you to bring your phone or camera, snap some great shots and share them online.
What do I need to bring to check in at the event?

You will need your ticket either printed or on your phone, as well as photo id. The id name must match that on the ticket. Without either of these you will not be able to participate.

The Village

Are there water/food stalls throughout the course?
The village has food and beverage options and the course will have water stations to keep you hydrated.
Are there toilets on site?
There are toilets in the village at every event.
Can I bring my own food or drinks?
No food or drink can be bought on site, there will be plenty in the village to keep you satisfied.
Can my family come and watch?
All spectators are welcome to watch from the village for free.
Is there a kid’s area in the village?
At most events, there is a small kid’s area with some games to keep them entertained

Start times

What time do I start?
Your start time or heat time as we call it is displayed on your ticket. Make sure you arrive one hour before that time to check in
Can I change my heat time?
If you need to change your heat time you can contact info@inflatathon.com and we will assist you. You will only be able to change to a heat time that has vacant slots.
What if I am late for my heat time?
If you are late we will do our best to slot you into the next available heat.
My teams wave time is full, what should I do?
You can still register as part of their team however you will have to join the next available heat time. There will be no shifting of heat times to heats that are already full.

Preparing to be a bouncer

Do I need to be fit to complete an Inflatathon course?
Inflatathon is a fun run that you can take entirely at your own pace, it is suitable for everybody.


How do I register to be a part of the Inflatahon team?
Click on the volunteer link and follow the prompts.
I need to change/cancel my scheduled shift, what should I do?
Contact the Inflatathon team at info@inflatathon.com
When will I know what time my shift is and my allocated position?
All details will be given to you prior to the event at the team meeting.
Can I participate on the same day I volunteer?
You can’t participate on the same day, however as a volunteer you will receive a 75% discount on entry to any event in the next 12 months.
How old do I have to be to volunteer?
You must be 18 years old or above
What should I wear? 
Comfortable sports clothes.
Is there any transportation?
Normally transportation will be provided from a key location in the city to and from the event. The Inflatathon team will confirm this with you prior to the event.